Wedding Packages

Every Livestream Package Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Production Planning
  • Tour of Venue
  • Internet Speed Test Check
  • Video & Audio Tech


Frequently asked

Can the stream be viewed in other countries?

Yes, we can livestream to Youtube and then embed the video into a open source website for other countries to view.

Can we insert videos and picture slide shows live?

Yes, we would like to have the media assets 1 week in advance so when we conference to go over the sequence of show, we will have them read to insert.

What is the turn around time to receive our video?

Two Part Answer:

Part 1 – The video will be live on Social Media Platforms immediately after ending broadcast transmission.

Part 2 – The HD video file that we record can also be transferred immediately through Apple Air Drop or we can send you a google drive link with file.

How long is the setup time?

Depending on the production type, we would like to have a 2-3 hour Setup window comfortably.

Can the viewers chat on the Livestream?


Do we have to pay the balance up front?

We require minimum a 50% deposit to lock in the date and prepare production details. And the balance can be paid up to the day before the wedding.

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