”Our attorneys believe in the rights of every client, and we will stop at nothing to protect them.”

Fighting for victims and their families

Jerry J. Treviño has been described as a Trial Lawyer who believes in and fights for the underdog, whether that is someone victimized by a civil personal injury case or a client accused of a crime. Jerry J. Treviño seeks fairness, justice and truth, and will listen to all those he serves. He seeks to right any injustice. He lives in San Antonio, TX with his family, and holds a Masters in Business Administration.

Protecting Your Record, Rights and Freedom

Our firm is committed to providing the strong defense you deserve. We meticulously review the evidence in the prosecution’s possession and look for ways to challenge the prosecution’s theory of the case. We seek the dismissal of charges not supported by probable cause and the suppression of evidence obtained in violations of your constitutional rights. We work diligently to seek the best possible result on behalf of each client we serve.

Experience That Makes a Difference

Attorney Jerry J. Treviño is a Texas attorney serving clients in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, business litigation and construction law. Jerry J. Treviño is a skilled trial lawyer who is committed to providing each of his clients with the vigorous representation they deserve.

If you need an experienced trial lawyer who will protect your rights, contact the South Texas Law Offices of Jerry J. Treviño. In San Antonio, TX call 361-882-5605 for assistance, and in Harlingen, Texas call 956-428-2102, or contact us by e-mail.

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