Here are a few things to know when scheduling your livestream

We want to deliver the best broadcast possible for your special event. A few things to consider before producing your livestream.

Production Details:

To produce an excellent Livestream we need 2 minimum requirements 1. Electricity 2. Wifi Upload Speed 10mbs+ (we always check the venue wifi 1st, we have a hotspot 2nd)

Graphics & Video Inserts:

In your Livestream we can insert video clips, and graphic designs. Here is a short list of examples.

1. Lowerthirds – a Lowerthird is a graphic typically at the bottom of the screen with a logo and name of a Presenter, Event, or Title display as information.

2. Video Intros, Bumpers, & Commercials – we can insert premade video commercials into your livestream mainly to promote your self in an advertisement / promotion. However you can utilize the template to pitch to your sponsors as a way to create advertising revenues for your event or livestream. ( see affiliate details for more information on compenstation )


To broadcast the best clear audio for your livestream it is best to connect an XLR output to our wireless transmitter which will be supplied by your DJ or Audio Tech. Next best scenario is running the audio thru the camera microphones, which will decrease Audio Quality by a significant amount.

Music & Copyright Music:

Music can be played on your livestream, however the best music to play that stays within Livestream Platforms on Social Media Accounts is “Royalty Free Music” We recommend to Youtube search phrases like these examples: Royalty Free Music Genre – Royalty Free Jazz Music – Royalty Free Hip Hop Music – Royalty Free Techno Music etc.. Admin Connectivity:

You will have to make Adam Ortiz an Admin on your preferred facebook page that you want to go live on.

Possible Risks of Disconnection:

There are several reasons why Facebook may kick off of interupt your broadcast.

1. Copyright Music

2. Wifi Under 10mbs Upload Speed

3. Nudity

4. Spamming of the Broadcast in FB Messenger


Production Setup: 

We request a minimum 2 hour setup period if possible

There is no post production once the livestream is done. That means we must be prepared ahead of time. Below are some of the questions needed to gather your vision and put in to action.

We recommend creating an agenda and sharing it with us for our broadcast engineer.

Remember that any aspects added last minute changes the whole dynamics to production. It can be small task like making a change to name in a graphic to adding a last minute camera angle.

Your productions are our priority please give us as much detailed information below as possible.

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