The Livestream Media Network brings professional livestreaming straight to you. Our unique service allows us to act and operate like a television network on your Social Media Channel.

Livestream Media Network was established in September 2017, with the help of social media platforms like Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Livestream, and many more. Having gained much success, our founder, Adam Ortiz, has created a system that allows us to act and operate like a Television Network on Client Social Media Platforms. For example, we are able to Livestream directly from your Facebook pages or groups and make it look like FOX or Saturday Night Live. We can insert graphic overlays like lower thirds, logos, and animations with information. We can also Insert video and graphic ads to help us create revenues for your future productions.


This is where you the ” Show Personality ” can turn your Brand name into an EMPIRE … we will provide you the tools that give you that professional look and feel like a TV Network. We will also create a revenue stream specifically for your brand through our Sponsorship Program, which allows you to capitalize on the advertising air-time in your show and on our entire Livestream Media Network. As your brand grows, your Sponsorship database will grow and then you would have built your own funding of support in our program. Well that’s our goal for you 😉

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