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La Prensa Texas

If you can dream it, we can stream it!

Answers to Your Questions

How many Livestreams do I get per month?

One Livestream per month. You may purchase more time and more livestreams outside your monthly dues.

Where will my Livestream be aired?

Your Livestream will be aired on your preferred Facebook Page, Youtube, or Twitter. You must add Adam Ortiz as an admin on the FB page.

Are graphic designs included?

Only a Intro graphic and lower third graphic will be included for your show design. You are more than welcome to design your own graphics. (Request dimension sizes)

How many weeks notice do we need to schedule a Livestream?

We would recommend a 2 week schedule notice if possible.

Can I still sell sponsorships for my program?

Yes, you can sell sponsors for your show. We recommend turning in sponsorship ads along with your schedule notice.

Do I have to have my own studio?

No, we have a studio for use in Port San Antonio located at 803 Buckner Dr Monday – Saturday 8a-8pm